Afraid to Touch Your Trash Bins?

You can schedule recurring trash bin cleaning services

It's easy to think that trash cans will always be gross and dirty. But you don't have to let grime build up on your bins. The Bin Bath offers one-time and recurring trash container cleaning plans. We'll use a degreaser and spray down your bins to remove dirt and grime.

Choose from one of the following plans:

Quarterly: $18.95 | $7 for each additional bin
Monthly: $10.95 | $5 for each additional bin
One-Time: $24.95 | $9 for each additional bin

Count on us to clean and sanitize residential trash bins or commercial dumpsters.

Contact us today to set up trash bin cleaning services.

trash bin cleaning

Why you shouldn't ignore dirty trash containers

You might think cleaning your trash bins is pointless. After all, they're just going to get dirty again when you fill them with garbage. But an occasional cleaning can help you...

Reduce the buildup of mold, viruses and bacteria
Prevent your trash area from becoming a nest for bugs and maggots
Help control or eliminate unpleasant odors

Your property will be more appealing and safer for your family or employees. Schedule a one-time cleaning or recurring plan when you call us at 208-731-0601.